Monthly Archives: January 2014

Hoping for a Happier Healthier New Year =)

i havent had the time, energy nor enthusiasm to write anything worthwhile on this blog for the past couple of months. but that doesnt mean life has been entirely uneventful. some events i consider somewhat awesome. Among other things, I reunited with my bestfriend who I havent seen in 6 years last June. I got to see Elvis Presley’s hometown and actual house also during that trip. i adopted a dog from a shelter at Teaneck NJ last July. I won my appeal vs my abusive ex boss in August (WOOHOO). Finally landed a job in Sept. Havent missed a day of work the last couple of months (today ended that amazing streak) and enjoyed the closing of the year 2013 without much drama from unwanted people in my life. And most importantly, me and my husband lost weight not because we exercised more but we decided to follow a healthier smarter lifestyle. We feel better, look better and are very much happier now. And honestly no tub of highcalorie extra creamy ice cream, topped with chocolate syrup and candy sprinkles, can ever beat looking and feeling good because of making that smart choice to say no to being fat.

last year was a happy great one. Looking forward to a better, healthier happier new year in 2014=)