4 years and a lifetime to look forward to

Today was a good day. Just had an awesome time hanging out with my sweetheart at Olive Garden. We did some window shopping and I also picked up a few items at forever21.  After stopping for a tea and coffee at Starbucks we hung out a bit at Barnes and Noble.

Earlier also we went apartment hunting. With some luck, we may finally move in to our new apartment by July 1st (fingers crossed).

This is the first time we are spending our wedding anniversary together in the USA.  Not that the previous ones werent as special. It’s just that we have been through a lot in just 4 years and now we are finally living the life we have been planning from the start.  The difficult times in our relationship has made our bond stronger thats for sure.We did not have much  when we we we were starting out and that taught us a lot. We learned how to compromise, to be practical, humble and mostly respectful and empathic of those who are barely getting by.  It was during our time of need we also discovered that there are still people out there who are good.

Life is unpredictable and we dont know where we may end up next year when we celebrate our 5th year anniversary. One thing I do look forward to though is celebrating it again..

Im lucky to have met quite a gem of a man. He is intelligent, profound, generous, compassionate, funny, passionate about reading and healthy living, loves our cats, accepts my quirkiness, is supportive of my dreams, thoughtful and as a bonus happens to be goodlooking and sexxxxxyyy!!

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