another fatal shooting

A couple of days ago, my coworker came to work with shocking news that her friend’s son was a victim of a drive by shooting “accident” in their neighborhood. It was on the news that evening. The poor boy was only 4 years old. Another senseless death e like what happened in Colorado last Friday.

But shooting incidents in this country seem common. My husband says that gun ban is also less likely to happen because it would be a violation of the right to bear arms.

I dont know whether the politicians will use the string of crimes related to gun activity to come up with a “bill” or “act”. because that seems to be the trend here. they come up with more and more laws ironically, it doesnt really ensure it would prevent people from committing more crimes. Just the same, i think they should think of something that could curb the gun related violence. for instance try to monitor stores that sell guns and do background checks for people buying guns. stores selling guns should raise the red flag when someone suddenly make huge purchases of ammunition or firearms. its discouraging though since illegal purchase are also very rampant over here. im unsure also if that idea of monitoring guns being sold could be feasible though.then again, the government spends tax money on frivolous things like the bridge to nowhere for instance.

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