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Georgia on my mind…

I spent a week long vacation in Georgia (and a little of Alabama) during the Christmas Holiday. I fell in love with the place. It is wide, laidback, country, and just the kind of place I want to permanently settle in. it just has the quaint scene I find pleasing and relaxing. Maybe Im experiencing some middle age crisis? Or that I feel old and am tired of the city scene? Not so. Im decades away from being really that old, but I just stopped partying a longtime ago. I graduated from college at 20, started working then went back to school again for another 5 years. later on i worked again and traveled a bit. I enjoyed that period in my life where I didnt have to explain to anyone why i could afford to be reckless with some of my decisions.

Ever since i got married my priorities in life have truly changed.  My main focus is my family now and how to ensure I take good care of them and also have enough resources to at least live comfortably when me and my husband retire one day. New York is great and all, but its also small, crammed, noisy, polluted and EXPENSIVE, not to mention dangerous (although it can be dangerous anywhere nowadays). Its a terrific place to visit and I honestly love the food and the sights here. But there comes that quintessential moment in a one’s life i guess that one simply wants to settle down ideally in a house with a white fence, with a garden, a lawn and a huge backyard to have future barbecues with the family. I just want something more peaceful and akin to the setting I grew up in, more of the suburbs, the sight of trees, mountains, the woods or outback.

So visiting Georgia was an awesome respite for me. It made my head swim with wonderful thoughts of one day living in a bungalow with a small garden outside, probably even a pool for the kids, me sitting on a lawn chair, fanning myself like crazy while enjoying a tall glass of sweet iced tea southern style=) Weekends spent hanging out the hubby and kids at Sam’s club while enjoying the array of delicious samples and teasing the kids that that concludes our lunch and dinner for the day. Then driving to the strip mall in my big ass truck, to have some ice cream, shop a bit and maybe even have dinner at either Country Barbecue or Carrabas. Sunday morning could be spent fishing or hunting with Dad, Uncle, Hubby and cousins. Sunday evenings with Nana talking about whats going on in the news and maybe learning new recipes.

Oh my I think I really am officially old. Who thinks of such things except old people. I was telling my husband one time that you know youre old when you go to Macy’s and you spend more time at the linen or kitchen section than any other department. Its kind of funny that me and my husband get really excited over thinking of what to cook next or when we have to go to bed bath and beyond to look for home supplies.

But we arent old yet. We are at the prime of our lives still mistaken sometimes as college students. Plus we hang around people from the 50-70 age bracket that we still get treated like teenagers.

But all these lovely thoughts of Georgia, family dinners, get together, holidays and simple meaningful moments just hanging out, eating, talking and enjoying the company of those we love, make me look forward to growing old. And I would love to spend my old days with my handsome soulmate, occasionally pinching his butt in public , strolling at the mall, while our grandchildren watch us and shriek with disgust. LOL.

Some awesome photos I took while our amazing 77 year old Nana was driving. What we had for lunch on our first whole day in Georgia and some photos of us just cruising around a cousin’s neighborhood.


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Missing breakfast moments with the Family

ginisang ligo sardines, steamed rice and coffeee for brunch. i miss pinoy breakfast and time with family at our dining table in antipolo. the occasional bickering, sharing of ideas, current gossip and the amazing-thing-that-happened-to

-me-this-week contribution. haay how i sometimes took for granted those seemingly insignifcant moments..cherish family time while it lasts..