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Delayed, denied?

Its been 6 days and I still havent heard from our case worker or her manager. A couple of days ago, I spoke to our case worker who was helping us out with finding an apartment. Actually it was the broker who did most of the helping.  The thought of being homeless is terrifying. Its like our lives are being held by a very thin thread here and we have no choice but to wait and wait until someone gets back to us with an answer. This is a nightmare. I cannot relax and all I can think of is what are we going to do next? Are they going to call us back? Will they be helping us or refer us again to another set of people? What the fuck is going on really???? Im getting really frustrated with this. If I dont call I wont know what the hell is going on. And now even if I do call or try to reach these basturds, they totally ignore me. they seem to want to just want to give us the shaft.