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to hike or not to hike

Growing up I learned that the key to not going bankrupt is to live within one;s means. My family was poor. There were 5 of us and my parents didn’t make that much money. It is quite amazing how my folks saw us through college. My mom always told us that its not always getting a fat paycheck that would solve our financial issues but rather how we allocated the money. We didn’t have a lot of budget to go towards entertainment or frivolous things but I’m glad my parents didn’t go cheap on us when it came to what’s important. Education, day to day basic necessities and a little something put away for the rainy day. It seems to me that my parents were stingy because they were responsible. One is careful in spending money that they worked hard for.

tax is hard earned money so why is it not spent wisely by our government then? Because its not theirs. They do the spending though and now we are in huge debt because our government is living beyond its means.

So what am I driving at here? Its common sense. Spend within the budget.Why not tighten those purse strings instead of having the rich people make up for the deficit? ts not their fault we are in debt. I’m not rich but I have no reason to dislike or even demand for them to pay more taxes than I do. Some people just happen to make more because they work harder and have invested more of their time and money to be where they are. Why punish them for being successful?

The solution is not trying to squeeze out more money from taxpayers. The government should be more responsible in how they spend our hard earned money.