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Strike 3, 4, 5?? err I lost count.. but IM OUT!

A few months ago I wrote a post about how abusive my boss is. He still is and Im sure over the next couple of months, days and years, he still will be. The good news is I wont have to put up with that shit anymore. The bad news though is one day someone will definitely kick his ass, and i wont be there to witness it. oh well cant have it all.

For now Im going to enjoy being a Happy Bum in search of a meaningful job and life. Woohooo Freedom from wretchedness!

Assholes in the workplace and why you shouldnt quit

why are there people who only feel better about themselves when they put others down? why does silence seem to totally scare em that they can’t STFU and think even for a few minutes first before running off at the mouth? it seems ironic that they opt to mask their insecurities in life by being loud and obnoxious.

two people i work with are just that. one is an old fart pushing 60 and the other one could pass as her daughter, not because they look alike but they have so many common traits they can pass off as such. Both are ill natured and find entertainment in inciting conflict among the people they work with.

Pumba, the younger one of these two, is crabby all the time. youd be surprised to know she is only 20ish.The first time i met her i thought she was almost 40.not that i think 40 is a bad age. but if youre 20 something, isnt it that a period in your life where you feel like you are at the top of your game?i remember when i used to be that age and all i wanted to do was get drunk, get high and of course get paid hahaha (typo error? lolz). but this gal, damn she is this 20 something chick that has all that potential. she isnt even bad looking . unfortunately all this aggravation (which could be self inflicted in a way) she brings upon herself is not doing her any favors. she is “beyond her years”, but not in a good way.

threatening to quit from your job every single day is commonplace nowadays. but if youve been doing it for almost 4 years isnt that a sign that maybe you just prefer to be stuck in the same shitty job or you just arent good enough to land another one elsewhere? so in the meantime why try to just look at the great things you can get from the company you are currently working for despite the fact it does SUCK. it could be a lousy job but that doesnt mean you have to have a lousy attitude all the time too right?

whats up with the perpetual scowl everyday. i mean it, every day.

im sure my situation is not unique though. every workplace has their very own share of assholes.

iĀ  must say however that i have worked for several companies and ive never been in such a hostile work environment. there is just no harmony that people here talk shit about everyone and endure working alongside the other because times are hard. the company may seem to be doing well right now but im pretty sure it will be headed towards destruction if the boss doesnt pay attention to what is going on.

no accountability..backbiting..bullying..gossiping…smelly bathroom among a few.

so what is the silver lining ?

i wont be all poetic about it, yes it does suck but the pay happen to be really good. and just like that i prefer to stick around. i love working and getting paid. i may not like the job but there is nothing i hate more than being a bum.

its true i used to believe id want to stay in a job that made me happy. a place that make me look forward to going to everyday..a job that makes me fulfill my passion.

but nah fuck that. the truth is, passion is great but one has to also be realistic especially in hard times like now. Because hunger pangs are real and its not a good feeling. when you experience it, you also learn another very important word. COMPROMISE.

nobody told you that you have to give up your dreams, but it wont instantly happen right? so while working towards it, have a day job. something that would put food on the table, doesnt entail for you to sell your body, and is within the acceptable work hours and of course isnt illegal. You can save money while you stay in a shitty job then move on once you find something that is more tolerable than the last. until you land the job you really like.

You can still have fun along the way, and play along even if peopleĀ  like pumba (sad i had to use the term because i love that warthog from lion king) and skidmarks (you dont want to know why i refer to her as such) try to get you down. it should be the other way around. make their lives more unbearable because you dont care. try indifference because there is nothing more annoying than trying to piss off someone who is not bothered by it.

And most importantly remember at the end of every 2 weeks, YOU get to be paid and YOU get to spend that paycheck. retail therapy for your “sadness”