Daily thoughts – 2016 what a year

i spent most of the year living instead of talking about it which in a sense is great. but sometimes its fun to look back at posts about what you did the entire year with matching photos. id like to try to get my groove back and blog again. i truly miss it and i love sharing the cool things ive seen, experienced, tried over the past few months.  we have also moved to a different part of New York and despite my previous apprehensions, im kinda enjoying this part of the city. The rent is lower, i wont say cheaper because its takes half of my paycheck but its slightly bigger and finally there is a bedroom that albeit the very restricted size, has been my piece of heaven in this noisy cluttered part of the world. we moved in the summer of this year and that was a real pain because of course aside from the costs involved, we had to do everything ourselves like haul our shit. But with a little help from family and friends, we managed to make it less painful as possible. So yeah im very happy to sign a 2 year lease in our little slice of the apple in the Bronx. I hope this coming new year will allow me  more time to share stories, adventures and just random thoughts as always about life, cats, food, running and what nots. Ive also finally delved into what it will take for me to get into NYAA (new york academy of arts). Ive been working on a little project that i could use in my portfolio to get that scholarship grant ive been gunning for. for the most part though my drawings are usually passengers in the subway. i havent really had the time to spend an entire day just sketching or painting like i want to. most of the time, i spend the weekends just being lazy.

Just the same, i really am looking forward to an exciting new year and I cant wait to start sharing a little bit of my recent experiences and whatever comes to mind. I will also post reviews about beauty products ive tried. This is not a beauty blog though even i admit i am a bit crazy with my enthusiasm when it comes to beauty products. i have no intentions of doing vlogs or big fluffly and overly detailed reviews but ill just write my own personal unbiased account of what products i thought id buy again and are worth that splurge.  So yey its exciting to be back and i hope i can do this regularly at least once a week to catch up 🙂

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