Daily thoughts – a latebloomer’s dream, a free makeover :)

It is only very recently that I started to appreciate make up. Not that I ever hated them, its just that I grew up with 4 brothers so it was nothing that every sparked my interest. But with the advent of social media and most of my girlfriends posting photos of themselves all dolled and glamorous that i thought of trying it out. I have to admit now Im part of the growing cult of Sephora fans / make up junkies. I confess that it kinda spiraled out of control that I found myself as a sephora vib rouge in just a span of 3 months. Some people may not understand what that means but it basically is just a hierarchy categorizing those who buy a ton of stuff from this store lol.  Anyway, this post will be short because this is not really a beauty blog just an online journal of my fun experiences including my first make over experience. So today I had my paid time off and I used it wisely by scheduling my VIB rouge privilege of getting a free makeover and personalized private one on one session. Here is a link to check out the benefits of being in their rewards program.

Here is Julia my beauty consultant for the day. She is really pretty by the way and i loved her subtle but dramatic make up.  I asked if she could make me pretty just like her.  She is holding what they call a color IQ. I dont remember at the top of my head what it does but basically it helps them find out the best shade for you. Check this link out for more information in case you are interested.

She was super nice and very articulate and made my first makeover experience truly memorable and fun. She first asked me what products i usually use for my daily regimen and what kind of look i wanted to go for. So i said typically i used Shiseido but ive also tried a bunch of other things because i often get samplers curated by sephora in their sets. She was impressed about my extensive knowledge and enthusiasm haha. i told her how i became a vibrouge in just 3 months and she was amused lol. I also shared how I grew up not really using make up but now i cannot imagine how i made it through life without it. She recommended some items she personally think are good based on skin type. I have oily skin but I dont really want the whole matte look. So she picked up the following to prep my skin.

Julia used the Sunday Riley Martian Toner , the Tatcha Rice Enzyme Powder for gentle exfoliation and for the moisturizer the Algenist Splash Hydration. I dont remember the eye cream she used but it was from the Dior line. After she prepped my skin, we exchanged thoughts on what products we like. She personally finds Sunday Riley good and I had to agree and tipped her on trying out their balm to remove make up. I said Ive been using different brands because like i said i have tried samplers and i have algenist as one of my sleeping masks too. I typically use oil of olay for my eye cream, clinique for my daily moisturizer and during the day when I have to go to work Olay complete with spf 15. But at home I indulge in a little bit of everything like origins, sunday riley, algenist, caudalie, shiseido, givenchy. For toners I usually use clinique for my oily skin every other day, but my daily toner is the Thayers witch Hazel which i get from Amazon.

She used the Laura Mercier primer before putting on foundation. I dont really use primer except for my smashbox eyeshadow primer, so she explained to me the benefits of using it. What i liked about this experience was how smooth and spontaneous it all was. she didnt sound like she was trying to convince me to buy all the stuff she used on my face but i was convinced anyway. Her tip on setting the base was in this order :  primer, foundation, translucent powder, then bronzer and blush afterwards. There was a system in place and explanation why things were in that order. She explained that the primer holds the foundation and the translucent powder sorts of hold everything in place. She also gave me tips on how to use a corrector for my undereye dark shadows and how to apply concealer. I couldnt really remember all the info and products but its great I got the basics during this experience. I also have her card in case I have more questions. 

I decided to go for the smoky eye look since I havent tried that before. She started with a smashbox shadow primer on my lid, then went for the lightest shadow first, and put most of it on the brow bone, followed by the next darker shade of shadow mostly for the area where the eye socket starts. she used a transition shadow on that part of my lid and explained to me that the color had to gradually get darker as it goes closer to the lid closest to my eyelashes. She blended the colors on the lid afterwards then used a dark pencil on the lashline and smudged it with a brush. She said thats the beauty of going for the smoky look. you need not worry about defining a line because its meant to be smudged. she also used some of the shadow subtly on the lower part of my eye and blended it.  She used an Anastasia brow pencil to draw an outline of my brows and filled it in with the same pencil and brushed it with the accompanying brush from the pencil. It was quick yet perfect. She used nars for the blush and becca powder to highlight the brow bone and the corners of the eye. For the lips i forgot what brand she used but when i got home i completed the look with the free nars cruella lip pencil i got in the mail.

I am beyond pleased with the results. This is how you get people hooked with these products though showing them that they can potentially look great too 🙂



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