Prepping for our next move

We spent the weekend cleaning up the next place we will be moving to. picked up some cleaning supplies from rite aid. on our way back home, we had a delicious dinner at Udon West. Yesterday too we spoiled ourselves by having lunch at Veselka.Sort of rewarding ourselves for putting so much energy on sprucing up our next abode! There is still a bunch of stuff to do though. The bathroom needs to be scrubbed. We also have to get new shower curtains.

Im not complaining really. its kinda exciting thinking of how we will be fixing up the room. also im wondering how the cats will adjust to their new home. my cats have moved so much for the last 4 years. in singapore they have moved from tampines to pasir ris. then singapore to the philippines. Philippines to the USA. now after 7 months they have to move to a different apartment in Manhattan.

Apartment hunting is tough in this state. Everything is very expensive.If you do find something affordable, you have to wonder what the catch is. It is not enough to say that the apartment is nice and affordable. You have to consider the neighborhood where the apartment is at. NYC may be a tourist friendly place but it also happen to have a bunch of gun wielding fools. im not exaggerating coz i see it in the news everyday, and based from accounts of people i personally know.  it pays to be paranoid especially if it would mean keeping you and your loved ones safe.

this is just a temporary living arrangement though until we find something semi permanent.  Im still thinking of living around Queens or Brooklyn where the rent is more reasonable. For now i need time to look up better deals and also save enough to live off just in case the landlord ask for additional deposit and fees.

tomorrow we are off to get more supplies!

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