About me

Pussylicious wouldve been a great domain name unfortunately a pornsite beat me to it. I love cats and life. Life  is delicious and cats are my life so i conclude cats are delicious  lol. not edible though but they do make like more interesting and beautiful.

My name is Marie and I love cats (obviously). I enjoy sketching, running, cooking, reading, movies and trying out beauty samples.  Ill be posting random stuff here about my thoughts, recent adventures and maybe some unbiased reviews about products I’ve tried. I don’t intend to discuss anything political or religious. I’ve found that those topics always leave people feeling a little bit angry and hateful and I’ve lost some friends on fb along the way because of my stance. Nevertheless, I dont tolerate bigotry and anything racist, xenophobic, antisemitic, islamophobic or simply anything hateful targeting a certain sect of society. All these are not welcome on my comment page but you can send me a message on this link.   I try to refrain from discussing political or religious because im also not that knowledgeable to tackle those two subjects so  i better leave that to the experts.

Anyway i just want something easy to talk about, nothing academic or that will require for me to back up with a ton of research or sources to footnote. This will be just one blog about shallow shit by someone who is’nt really dumb but is just too lazy to do the leg work. I feel happier when i dont have to unearth dirt on anything or anyone or discuss issues beyond the scope of what i can possibly explain. In short, this will be a light and breezy site (or nonsense) for feel good stuff as much as possible.

I’ve been living in NYC for 5 years now and despite it being a crowded, dangerous and expensive place to be in, I am drawn to this place because i find the city exciting, charming and teeming with some of the most talented and intelligent people. I also love the fact that since it has a diverse population, their food culture is never boring. You can taste the different delicacies from around the globe in one city and i just love food.

It has been awhile since i posted anything online. I have a blogger site but im thinking of permanently migrating to wordpress because of the numerous positive reviews I’ve read about it. Still new to this thing so Ill see how it goes and if its more user friendly than blogger. I want to play around a bit and hopefully i get to enjoy blogging again.

The two cats above are  Dapper and Thumper and they are from Singapore. I adopted them from Chai Chee (Black)and Yishun (Calico). There is one more cat from Pasir Ris and we also brought here here with us and she was adopted by my Mom in Law.

This yellow guy here is Cheesecake. We found him in a dumpster in our old neighborhood in Washington Heights 2 years ago. He followed us home and i brought him to NYC ACC . I later on found out that NYC ACC put cats down if they are either assessed as unfit to be adopted or if the place gets too crowded. Im not sure about the latter but that’s what a former employee, and a good friend of mine told me. So a few days after I brought him to that place, I came back and adopted him. We named him cheesecake because around that time we found him we were carrying a box of cheesecake from that famous place Veneiro’s. He is an asshole, naughty and has no manners but its kind of too late to get rid of him. We already love the bastard.

I’m looking forward to sharing new posts soon. Welcome to my online scratchpost!

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