Verbal Abuse in the Workplace – Strike One

Today I took my lunch around 230pm.Not that I wasnt hungry. There was just so much to do at the office that it kept piling up on my desk. We were a little undermanned and it took a toll on more than just the lunchbreak. I was about to take my break when my colleague asked me to help her finish up a request form by one of our clients. I wrote up the order like I always do and handed it to my boss.I was summoned to the CELLHELL like a criminal.

My boss barked at me like I stole his bone. The Junkyard dog caused so much commotion, a friend of mine decided to record the entire incident on her phone. Im listening to it right now and I just cant understand why the fucker flipped out over something so petty. Im not biased, his reaction was so uncalled for. It wasnt like the company lost a lot of money for a mistake I made. Being yelled at would be an understatement. My boss used condescending remarks just because I explained to him why the paperwork he asked me to work on did not indicate the time it needed to be finished.  Ive been doing the same thing for some of the previous works we’ve done for clients and I never got this kind of horrid reaction. Im sure he had a bad day but fuck, it was not fair to take it out on me. If his clients knew what kind of asshole he is, I wonder if they would still buy merchandise from this douchebag.

I tried to resolve the issue by providing him with a revised document. But guess what, that was like putting more fuel to the “fire”. for some reason he felt the need that I had to be insulted more. I cant believe how I was able to contain my rage this afternoon. People can only take so much. After so many years in this line of work I have NEVER EVER EXPERIENCED this kind of verbal abuse.

Yes he may have succeeded in building his “empire” but one day I am sure someone will make him realize that its wrong how he treats his employees. One day he may mess with the wrong person and still pull the same stunt and the shitbag he may not be as lucky as he is with us. I am not the only person he treats like this by the way. It amazes me how most of the people I work with have been there for several years. They all say, they try to ignore it. They say, life is hard right now, you just got to swallow your pride. Simple words but very true.

I honestly dont know how long I can take more of this man’s bullshit though but I am stretching my patience and understanding.  If it was the old me, I could have just told the jerk to go to hell and id tell him to shove that paperwork up his ass then quit right there. I wish it was that simple.. we all know it is not

And i feel like im starting to put a price tag on my dignity and principle ..

This article I read discusses pertinent points why Abuse is so prevalent in the workplace.

Summarily, I can think of 3 reasons why people tolerate staying in a job that sucks. Why people put up with bosses who are dicks.

1) Money

2) Money

3) Money


Economy is just so shitty right now that one opts to be abused than be a bum. No offense meant for unemployed people out there.

While I can still help it, I just dont feel right about mooching off of the government just yet. But if things dont pan out in my favor, i might not mind being called one. at least i might still have my dignity and sanity intact.

Until then, im waiting for strike two!






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